Anne Marie Cipriotti

Anne Grandchamp Cipriotti expired Monday September 18,2017 after a long illness with Alzheimer's Disease, she was 65 years old.

Anne was born December 5, 1951 to Raymond Grandchamp Sr. and Adele (LaPorte) Grandchamp in West Warwick, RI.  She was a graduate of West Warwick High in l970 and lived most of her life in the ocean state of Rhode Island.  She worked as a computer quality control inspector for a computer chip company in Rhode Island where she was awarded many merit recommendations for her excellent work and attendance.  She was married after high school and bore a son, Chad Brochu, now living in Brooklyn N.Y. with a grandchild.  She had many interests including animals, plants, rocks, ceramics, long walks and beachcombing for shells.  She always had house plants around especially succulents and bonsai and loved gardening.  Her abiding love for her white tamed dove, Gracie, her pride and joy lived to a ripe old age of 10.  She loved music and loved to dance.  She was always the first on the dance floor.  Always with a tune on her breath.  She always knew what popular song were on the Top Ten Hit Parade. After the birth of her son,Chad, she had a bout of Post Partum Depression which took its tale on the family activities.  She came out of it well and continued her home life happily.  She had many friends and was involved in community activities.

As she aged she became more and more forgetful and limited her social activities.  Her Alzheimer's Disease was slowly starting well ahead of the usual onset time of the disease.  She met Robert Cipriotti first in 2006 during his journey through New England Christadelphian Communities.  Anne had become a Christadelphian after being reared a catholic.  It was there at the Cranston Ecclesial in R.I. that she met Robert.  Dianne Grandchamp seemed to be the match maker.  Needless to say they were both smitten.  Robert returned home in Tarzana in 2006 with constant telephone conversations between them on and off again meetings ended up in marriage in the summer of 2009.  These telephone conversations went on for hours.  Robert would walk around home with a head set plugged onto his hand held set telephone for hours.  I would ask Robert what they talked about for 8 hours a day.  Robert stayed in  Coventry  in 2008 to see more of Anne during that year they went motoring every day. Motoring to Boston, Oakland Bay, New York, Philadelphia where Robert has cousins living there.  Their favorite spot was by the local dam and antique stores and of course restaurants every day especially Subways.

Anne's best friends were Diane Grandchamp, Jan Wells, Tammy and Cathy McPeak her maid of honor.

Their marriage at the Cranston Ecclesial in 2009 was a joyous moment.  The members catered a lovely wedding with flowers and a sit down dinner.  Both looked lovely and everyone had a good time.  Her father, Raymond Grandchamp, brothers, John, Michael and spouses and son Chad Brochu were in attendance.  The next day they started their motoring to California taking a leisurely pace.  Anne would say it was the happiest time of her life.

Anne moved into our family home in Tarzana, CA. with four dogs and brother in law, Jim.  Anne wanted more birds so we went bird collecting.  We found a pink dove with a terrible disposition and a white dove with a good disposition and shortly collected 10 finches, two love birds, a large cage which we had under out backdoor porch.  To this day they need constant care for which Anne was good at.  She was truly a bird lover. 

Robert loves to drive so every day they would motor all around Los Angeles, beaches, mountain, attractions, and zoos.  Life was good.  Every summer they would visit Raymond Grandchamp Sr.  But that stopped as she became less able.

Jim had a family again and started cooking four course meals.  Well that lasted approximately one year and stopped because of their travelling they could never be on time and oftentimes the meals were cold.  So we started a different regimen of eating out.  So for six years they ate Sharkey's Mexican, DaMores and Shakey's Pizza, and Westwood restaurants.  Robert and Anne loved eating out better than home cooking so it was that way for six years.

As time wore  on Robert had to handle more daily chores and responsibilities.  Anne's memory was diminishing. Robert became a cook and began cooking for her.  He also cleaned and dressed her.  It's the first time Robert had handled responsibilities of this kind and did a splendid job.  About a month ago she began to have difficulties walking.  She was eating less and loosing weight.  Her swallowing began to get difficult.  Her doctors determined it was time to get a Hospice situation.  Robert would never put her in a nursing home so we get a in home Hospice program with Faith and Hope Hospice.  They brought in a special hospital bed, oxygen and medicines for the nurse to give her at home.  All the while moving her position in the hospital bed every two hours.  We had around the clock nursing until she passed.

Several things became of these encounters.  Robert became a responsible, loving, husband in every sense.  Her illness I think was the link that made Robert finally a complete individual.  Her illness touched us all and made us better people.  Such is the price of adversity.

Both Robert and Anne's love for each other became their most important cause for existence.  Not many couples can say the same. This was Romeo and Juliet in today's world.