Cremation Services

Cremation ServicesSimple Cremation
• Usually complete within 7 working days
• Includes: 24/7 availability of funeral home & staff
•  Removal from place of death
    (within 30 miles of our facility)
• Filing death certificate, Filing permit of disposition,
• Cremation container, Cremation process (up to 200 lbs.)
• Temporary container to hold cremated remains
• Permit and Department of Consumer's Affairs Fee
• Cremated remains available for pick up at our facility usually in 7 working days

Total cost $695.00


Cremation Plans

Our cremation options are complete with no hidden costs and no registration fees.  It includes our availability to your families needs 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year for removal from place of death within our service area of Los Angeles County, transportation to our refrigerated holding facility, procurement of the death certificate, disposition permit, minimum professional services of funeral home and staff to help in the completion of various forms associated with cremation, minimum cremation container (long cardboard box required by crematory your loved one is placed in this container and cremated in) cremation process based on 200lbs or less, you pick up your loved ones ashes for one of the following dispositions:

Plus the cost of certified death certificates $ 21.00 each and
​applicable sales tax on merchandise selected.

This is your total cost (again there are no hidden fees or extra charges and no registration fees)