Arrangement Options

Aftercare CremationThank you for choosing Aftercare Cremation.

We believe families should have choices and receive dignified care even if they choose arrangements that are quieter in nature than others may choose. Our mission is simple: To offer an alternative to the high costs of traditional funerals and funeral homes by providing a simple and affordable service.

Aftercare cremation was created to help the needs of those families that desire direct/simple cremation. By pre-planning you are taking responsibility for your arrangements, and eliminating the guess work for your family. Ultimately you avoid any undue emotional overspending to lock in today's cost. Prices for products and services will likely be more expensive in the future, so making pre-arrangements can be a valuable decision.

Pre-Arrangement Options

Aftercare Cremation offers two types of pre-arrangement:

1. Arrangements on file - Unfunded
Arrangements on file - Funded

Unfunded Arrangements

When creating your unfunded arrangement, you will provide Aftercare Cremation with the necessary vital information for a death certificate, along with the required releases and signatures in advance. It also allows for the individual's specific instructions for the disposition of their remains to be set and followed. It is also valuable in preparing for the death of a loved one. All information is kept on file, for life, at our office, and in the event of death, family will have access to us via our 24-Hour Emergency telephone number. There is no charge to pre-registerThis simple step will relieve surviving loved ones from the burden of scrambling for unfamiliar information, tracking down often unavailable signatures, and making costly emotional decisions, all at a time of profound emotional distress. This common sense approach to final arrangements is the reason why thousands of individuals have chosen to pre-arrange. We hope it will be a comfort to know that Aftercare Cremation will always be there for you in your time of need, even if no pre-arrangement paperwork has been signed ahead of time.

If you would like to pre-arrange, please click here.

Funded Arrangements

Many individuals choose to take their pre-arrangements one step further by also locking in a price for our services without fear of future price increases. This provides loved ones with complete peace of mind in knowing that all arrangements are completely planned for and paid for as well. All prepaid funds are invested in their entirety. We do not manage our prepaid funds, nor do we profit from any management fees charged. Our prepayment plan benefits the individual by allowing their funds to appreciate in value and to be secure and available when the time comes. 

Aftercare Cremation's funded arrangement plan allows an individual to lock in our guaranteed fixed price of $695.00. This includes all of our basic cremation services, but does not include the price of death certificates, the transfer fee when more than one staff member is needed, the additional cremation fee for anyone weighing more than 200 lbs, nor the cost of a more permanent urn.

If you would like to pre-arrange, please click here.