Legal Information

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Burial at Sea

Allows for burial at sea of cremated remains by boat or plane at least three (3) nautical miles from land. "At sea" includes inland navigable water, but excludes lakes and streams.  Scattering cremated remains from a bridge or pier is prohibited.  Cremated remains must be removed from the container or urn before scattering.

Cremated remains at home

Cremated remains may be kept at home if the cremated remains are in a durable container.

Scattering or placing on public or private property

Cremated remains may be scattered in areas where no local prohibition exists, provided that the cremated remains are not distinguishable to the public, are not in a container, and that the person who has control over disposition of the cremated remains has obtained written permission of the property owner or governing agency to scatter on the property. (health and Safety Code Section 7116).  Always check your local ordinance. (When the disposition has taken place, the first copy of the disposition permit must be filed with the local registrant of death of the county of disposition within 10 days of disposition.  The second copy shall be returned to the registrant office of issuance).

Federal Law

Burial at Sea

The United States Environmental Protection Agency requires that burial of cremated remains, at sea, occur at least 3 nautical miles from land and that each burial or cremated remains be reported to: Untied States Environmental Protection Agency - Regional IX Attention: Regional Ocean Dumping Coordinator,  75 Hawthorne Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 (415) 774-2125