Lisa Nguyen

Obituary of Lisa Nguyen

So Thi Nguyen was born in Tan An, Vietnam as the middle

child of seven children. She married Thuong Nguyen at 21 years

old and had her first son at age 22. Along with Thuong’s relatives,

the family fled the Vietnam War by boat. After days at sea, the

group purposefully crashed their boat into a Japanese fishing boat

and were brought to Japan as war refugees. So Thi gave birth to

her second son in Japan. The family was soon sponsored by an

American family and brought to California. The family made their

way to Los Angeles, CA where So Thi gave birth to two more sons

and one daughter. She worked hard all her life and enjoyed three

years of retirement. She was known for her incredible cooking

skills and for her kindness to others. So Thi Nguyen is survived by

her husband, four sons, one daughter, and three grandchildren.

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